ECI Media Management announces support for Ukrainian colleagues and makes plans to suspend operations in Russia

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ECI Media Management is deeply shocked and saddened by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and by the scale of the suffering inflicted on the people of Ukraine. We unequivocally condemn Russia’s actions, and equally unequivocally support and stand by our Ukrainian colleagues and their families. We have been, and continue to be, inspired by their strength and courage.

In order to help them as best we can, we are working with our teams across Europe to create employment opportunities for Ukrainian colleagues who have been forced to evacuate to other countries. We will do everything possible to help them protect their livelihoods and support their families until they are able to return home. We will of course also support those colleagues who remain in Ukraine in whatever way we can.

Our hub for ECI East, which oversees our operations in Eastern Europe, has moved from Moscow to Berlin. We are making urgent arrangements to suspend our operations in Russia, and are transferring client contracts in the region to ECI companies outside Russia.


Dmitry Kuraev
Managing Director, ECI East

M: +49 176 83 44 34 48

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