The storytelling challenge

The challenge that media managers face is to tell a story in a fast-moving digital space. This storytelling has to be seamless: from mobile to desktop, and back to mobile. This seamless storytelling imperative means that a creative agency must have the right approach to ensure that the digital media campaign not only drives brand awareness, but also engagement.

One of ECI’s clients, an automotive brand, came to ECI with the sense that they were spending more than they should—and getting less bang for their buck than they thought appropriate. ECI began by ensuring that a clear brief, with clear KPIs, was in place. Having these KPIs allowed ECI to evaluate the marketing campaign in terms of both cost and quality, and in local and global perspective.

Media agencies need to be strategic

Having clear directions also helped build a campaign that is clearer. According to ECI’s Head of Digital, Cédric Menard “We want to see agencies be more transparent, and more specific with their proposed plans. They need to give details and motivated their choices; this allows both us and the client to see the link between the plan and delivery, not least when it comes to meeting coverage targets, reaching the right audience, and how frequently the message is viewable.”

Making an impact in the digital media space is tricky. The digital arena is so vast that one can easily over-spend or spend more than is really necessary to achieve an impact. This is because digital impact requires striking a balance; unlike TV, radio and print, there is almost no upper limit to how much media space you can purchase. This is why having a clear strategy is so important.

The link between KPIs and storytelling

An impactful marketing campaign means ensuring that multiple channels are included in the mix. “For automotive, this meant including TV as well as digital services to catch younger customers. So the agency had to approach the problem strategically,” adds Menard.

The link between having the right KPIs and being able to measure the effectiveness of your storytelling comes into its own when analysing the campaign numbers. ECI’s trademarked Target Market® and On Target® benchmarking tools allow us to tell clients which campaigns performed, which publishers and formats had the best reach and frequency at the best benchmark price, as well as where there have been problems with ”bot” fraud. Looking closely at the numbers allows for “spot on” insights that can quantify the effectiveness of an engagement strategy.

ECI - Higher Media Value

The digital landscape is changing; your media management strategy needs to change with it. But change can be a force for good: ECI, the market’s fastest growing global media management company, can help you make your media budget generate higher value, harnessing these changes.

Ours is a new breed of media auditing and performance management company, and we are leading the charge when it comes sophisticated media benchmark- ing services, delivering higher value, and making a media-led impact. Our approach to digital media is forensic and fact based, and we make use of world-class talent and proprietary technology to maximise your firm’s digital impact.

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