Media Revenue and Inflation report forecast

That is exactly what we are seeing at the mid way point in the year. Two hot, major, economies: Brazil and China no longer look so vibrant. Yet fortunes often balance out and turn up in other places. Take a look at India and Mexico.

New media requires New metrics

It goes without saying that, to have the desired effect, your marketing must first be seen. This ECI White Paper highlights the importance of a vital KPI within digital advertising, Ad Viewability.

ANA 2016: Study into Media Transparency

ECI welcomes the clearing of the air.

We now have a clearer understanding of the Global Rebate Equation, with the arrival of the K2 Report in the US:
“An Independent Study of Media Transparency in the US Advertising Industry”.

Ad blockers are on the rise

Ad blockers are on the rise, and advertisers are understandably worried. But could their rise be a warning shot that could help advertising become more user-friendly? Our latest white paper explores this theme.

Much ado–but is it about nothing?