Television and Video Audits

Maximising the value of your media investments not only means being strategic, but ensuring accountability. ECI specialises in target setting and budgeting, ensuring that your working relations with your media agency is structured and includes common understandings, including around prioritised challenges and well-defined KPIs. ECI can also support you in discussions related to setting media guidelines for the briefing, as well as during budgeting process with the appointed media agency. This will ensure that savings translated into value, avoiding campaign overspending.



Peak time TV has long been the most quick and cost-effective way of reaching a consumer, and has for centuries helped launch the most recognised brands. This combination of sound and visuals is still a leading marketing tool when it comes to influencing existing and potential consumers. However, this mass media impact has been replaced by a new challenge: reach is now a scare resource. These media economies of scale are being replaced by economies of precision and optimisation.

ECI´s holistic approach to TV and video performance auditing, covering both traditional and new digital video channels, supports clients in achieving higher media value. The good news for advertisers is that, despite ongoing changes, media use can still offer a true competitive advantage.

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Typical findings

  • We typically find that cost efficiency can be combined with high campaign quality. However, many new clients come to us with high-cost campaigns that are low or average on quality. This type of campaign mainly results from a lack of insight around target behaviours and market conditions.
  • There are no longer one-size-fits-all campaign plans. Instead, a precise campaign objective, combined with specific market insights, is necessary to ensure effective implementation.
  • Insight has to be generated and implemented continuously since video consumption is changing and will keep on changing.

ECI’s benchmarking process incorporates the following:

  1. Planning & quality
    (including qualitative parameters, channel mix, targeting, coverage, etc.)
  2. Terms with media owners
    (a traditional base audit of media negotiations)
  3. Placement optimisation by media agency
    (aiming for media value beyond mere averages)

Our findings within each area are itemised, ensuring that our advice is both specific and constructive. This level of detail is vital: achieving improvements requires addressing the right area, whether it is strategy, contract terms with media or placement optimisation. The benchmarking of one area has to be discerned from the effects of others.

ECI Approach

To improve performance and create competitive advantages, ECI includes external benchmarks in its video audits. This approach means comparing the performance of each campaign, in addition to year-on-year trends, against external benchmarks within the dimensions of quality and cost. Quality is measured with reference to key competitors or the leading advertisers in each country, while cost is measured with reference to top achieving advertisers in each market.

Fundamental to the ECI approach is a focus on local reporting. Local, deep-dive, reports are adapted to campaign-specific requirements and are always presented locally in order to ensure that action points and recommendations are executed. The objective is to improve work processes and media buying capabilities to achieve greater control to realise significant value.

We do deep analysis into parameters such as channel allocation and program optimisation. We combine those analyses with broader questions like: “Is your specified target audience being reached?”, “Did the campaign deliver according to plan?”, or “How did the campaign deliver coverage productivity?”

At ECI, we have senior consultant at every level of the digital marketing presence. When auditing an Adwords, Bing or Yahoo account, our paid search consultants will always seek and verify high level relevancy between the offering and the marketing strategy.

In the end it’s all about paying the right price for the right plan, which we make sure you do.

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