Search engine marketing (SEM)

is one of the biggest internet marketing channels that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising.

Search represent 47% of the total digital advertising spent ($81,59 billion – mobile search included) Total internet advertising spent is $170,85 billion dollars.

SEM Challenges

Search advertising platforms, keywords management software available on the market are designed to deploy very efficiently thousands of keywords rapidly. Predictive marketing platform assisting advertisers in campaigns management with automatic bidding and keywords research. Tools are not missing in the industry to manage SEM campaigns.

However, despite the simplification of the SEM mechanism, Search Engine Marketing requires a high level expertise to gain maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Paid search campaigns could give great results in a very short time space. It could easily give the impression that everything is properly set as bottom line start to give some results. The true is that despite good appearances the cost per objectives could be lots higher than what it could without you noticing it. OR that simply your campaigns could give you much more visibility and reach.

In short for the same budget you could get more PERFORMANCE and more REACH.

Typical findings

Unfortunately, when our consultant audits a SEM campaigns, it is very common to note that the campaign could give much higher value in efficiency and effectiveness from better strategy, planning and architecture.

Too often Search Engine campaign are deployed rapidly, with very little thinking about how it will impact and ease optimisation process and keywords expansion.

Due to the fact that Search Engine Marketing platform are very intuitive and user friendly it often occurs the fact about the complexity behind it to combine the right balance all the parameters interacting with each other from keywords to final performance.

It is easy to omit that Paid Search channels are time consuming, and sadly many advertisers do not allocate enough time and resources to optimise, research and improve results.

ECI Approach

  • Focus on product offering – Match with marketing client account(s)
  • Solid measurement of the evolution
  • Maximize performance on all findings
  • High performance
  • Pass competitors
  • Fill-up the space, “Run the race”
  • Save and Win
  • Same budget more performance (more value for identical budget)

At ECI, we have senior consultant at every level of the digital marketing presence. When auditing an Adwords, Bing or Yahoo account, our paid search consultants will always seek and verify high level relevancy between the offering and the marketing strategy.

Every Search Marketing account are unique, even in the most aggressive competitors landscape. The nighty gritty of the campaigns deployed are key to success. Each single piece in this mosaic have a specific function and play an important role. Every details counts, every results contributing to the overall bottom line.

Optimising a SEM account is time consuming, also every optimisation actions may maximum effect. ECI consultant proceed to granular data crunching and deliver comprehensive findings.

Regardless the actual SEM account status and objectives: maximize presence, increase actions volume or improve Cost Per Action, ECI will assist you in your challenges and deliver powerful actionable insights to maximize high return on every dollar spent.

ECI report are designed to identify potential savings, deliver maximum leverage on reach and powerful marketing performance. Our proven methodology measure Search Engine Marketing efficiency and effectiveness evolution over time.

Our ambition is to maximize your account performance.

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