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ECI is a world leader Media Auditor when it comes to digital media audit; and our extensive industry expertise to proprietary On Target® and Target Mark® benchmarking services mean that we know what it takes to make a media campaign great. Our superior benchmarking methods allow us to compare our clients’ media performance against market conditions, other similarly sized firms or competitor brands, taking into account the local conditions that make a campaign swim—or sink.

We not only manage our clients’ media data, as Media Auditor we also verify it to make sure that you get the best possible picture of your media campaign’s performance. We use value-based modelling to ensure that you not only maximise your impact, but you do it at the right price.

Room for improvement

Some common areas for a campaign improvement include:

  • Campaign timing
  • Media viewability
  • Media reach and frequency
  • The right mix of media formats
  • Managing the data that tracks KPIs

Making complex data make sense

Running an impactful campaign also requires making sense of the complex data that capture a campaign’s performance. Our understanding of digital advertising in all its forms comes from years of experience running digital campaigns. We therefore not only know how to make sense of the data, but can transform complex campaign data into strategic goals.

Maximising “Bang for your Buck”

For most firms, media expenditure is the single most expensive line item in their marketing budget. It is therefore good business practice to make sure that that your buck generates maximum bang. Media performance auditors track whether the media investment performs as promised, and whether it was effective in reaching the right audience, in the right environment. In other words, we do the maths—so you don’t have to.

Not only is Media performance auditing good practice, it also keeps agencies on their toes. This can be a good thing: being upfront about the expectation of an audit clears the air, and our trained media auditors and consultants hold an agency to account. This allows you to focus on building a relationship with your agency that is creative and trusting, as well as incentivise good practices.

Standard practice

Media performance auditing is already standard practice for large brands across the globe, notably in Europe. It is becoming more and more commonplace in the rest of the world, both as brands globalise and as firms in Asia, Africa and the Americas see the benefit of this service.

A Tale of a Tailored Campaign

How quality is key when it comes to maximising your TV impact

Historically both Media Agencies and Media Auditing firms have focused on the cost effectiveness of media advertising. This was because actual advertising opportunities once varied very little, so the differentiator was cost.

Today, however, the differentiator is quality. Agencies once bought bundles of advertising from Media firms in TV, radio and newspaper, and sold them on to their clients. This is slowly being replaced by a more tailored experience—but many haven’t realised that this change is happening.

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