On Target® Digital Benchmarking

Digital media is an essential part of any media strategy today. Whether this is because YouTube advertisements work well with traditional TV advertising, or through digital advertising display placements. ECI’s On Target® Digital Benchmarking tool and experienced professionals can help you examine the impact of your past campaigns, give you forward guidance and set actionable KPIs.

Some key areas for improvement often include:

  • Programmatic, or the use of automated digital advertising sales to target specific types of customers
  • Coverage, the estimated number of potential customers a campaign intends to, or actually reached
  • The use of multiple channels, including both video and display advertising
  • Optimising your Social Media campaign for maximum impact

Target Mark® TV Audit

As a digital-first firm, ECI prides itself on its sophisticated Target Mark® TV Audit, which looks not only at TV advertising metrics, but also at digital video advertising, for instance through YouTube.

Although prices within TV for comparable advertisers only vary as little at 15 percent, tactical optimisation by a Media Agency show variances in a campaign’s impact by as much as 50 percent. A Target Mark® TV Audit takes a data-centric, forensic approach to understanding the ins and outs a particular campaign. In so doing it can help you plan your video media campaign in the best possible way.

Tactical optimisation

Starting a TV campaign with the most possible data allows a brand to maximise its net reach, as well as reach specific demographics. With Target Mark® TV Audit’s sophisticated benchmarking system, clients can benchmark their KPIs and intended media campaign against the entire market supply of advertising, in order to maximise your impact.

Quality-driven benchmarking

ECI’s benchmarking process incorporates three key elements:

  1. Allocating and planning a media investment, taking into account targeting, coverage and a mixture of channels, for instance traditional TV and digital streaming
  2. Benchmarking the negotiating results & the terms of the agreement with Media Owners
  3. Ensuring the right team and sufficient time and focus from the agency, delivering the tactically most effective placement of the advertisement, taking into account market-wide data

This forensic approach to TV planning and auditing allows not only for a coherent strategy in the face of a fragmented media landscape, but also allows for continuous steering. ECI’s audit ends with clear recommendations for what to keep, what to change, and what to add to a TV campaign with the development of actionable KPIs.

Pitch Management

Pitch management is at the core of ECI’s consulting offering. Often one of the first things firms come to us for assistance with, ECI helps Media Managers manage their pitches in the following ways:

  • By examining the successes (and failures) of existing campaigns, using our sophisticated benchmarking tools
  • By helping the client design their next set of pitch requirements, in response to these analytics
  • Attend pitch meetings and work together with the client to grade Agency pitches and, ultimately, ensure that the client brief is fully understood by the Agency
  • Help with contracts and negotiations, ensuring that Media prices are market-related
  • Ensure that the client maximises their impact, with a particular emphasis on quality metrics

Financial Audit Services

Lack of transparency has always been a concern with in the media industry and became a hot topic when ANA released its transparency report that high-lighted several questionable media agency business practices.

An ECI Financial Audit will answer questions like: Are you being billed correctly? Are you getting your fair share of AVB’s and other rebates? Are unbilled media been given back to you?

ECI will secure that your media agency comply with the contract, will help recover any outstanding money and provide clear recommendations on which contract terms that needs to be strengthened.

KPI Setting and Management

Setting impactful Key Performances Indicator (KPIs) not only requires detailed knowledge about the state of the Media market, but also a forward-looking approach. Garden Tower 2 can be used inside or outside. However, most people use theirs indoors. The reason is that the composter was originally marketed for those living in cities with small homes and no private outdoor space. It’s the perfect solution to having your own garden in an urban apartment environment. Read our detailed Garden Tower 2 review to decide if this innovative kitchen composter is right for you. The composting container’s rotating design ensures each plant gets adequate sunlight. The rotating feature also makes it easy to access all of your plants. Some key areas for KPI improvement include coverage, or the estimated number of potential customers a campaign actually reached, and setting targets for how many potential customers a client actually wants to reach.

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