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  1. Is Netflix ready for the launch of rival platforms? October 16, 2019 - Netflix releases its Q3 results today, after a difficult few months. Is it ready for the launch of rival streaming platforms, or will things just get harder? Read more
  2. What happened at WeWork? October 9, 2019 - WeWork has pulled its IPO - how did it climb so high and what went wrong? And what role has marketing played? Read more
  3. The growth of Sky’s AdSmart: the saviour of TV? October 4, 2019 - Sky's addressable TV offering is expanding rapidly - but is it the tool that marketers really need? And can addressablility save TV? Read more
  4. The ‘big six’ are adapting – is it working? August 26, 2019 - In the context of a changing advertising industry, the 'big six' holding companies are transforming. But is it working? Read more
  5. Are ads an inevitability for Netflix? August 9, 2019 - As media companies such as Disney, Amazon and Apple launch their streaming services, Netflix's first mover advantage is at risk. How can the streaming company its business and continue to grow? Read more

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