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Technology is transforming the media landscape at an unprecedented pace. At ECI Media Management, we harness these changes to help you drive higher value from your media investment.
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ECI Media Management Inflation Report Update Q3 2020

2020 has been a tumultuous year for the advertising industry and for the entire world. In this Q3 media inflation report ... Read more
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The Upfronts: Is the old ship slowly changing course?

The old Upfronts format needed an update so that it aligned more closely with the current media landscape. Is it finally ... Read more

AT&T’s digital advertising ambitions

AT&T has acquired multiple companies over the last few years in order to diversify into the digital advertising mar ... Read more

The streaming wars part two: Pandemic

The streaming platforms, both old and new, have been a rare success story of the pandemic. What does the future hold now ... Read more

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