ECI: A Global Team of Analytics Professionals

ECI boasts employees with academic backgrounds in Statistics and Strategy, as well as extensive experience from both Media Industries and Agencies. Our hand-picked, world-class professionals not only have extensive experience in Media, especially in digital media, but are analytical and objective. Their skills and integrity, together with our sophisticated benchmarking software mean that you get spot on insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of your media investments

Tailored solutions

ECI do not believe in “one size fits all” approaches. Moreover, we make sure that our client’s media campaigns deliver on clearly defined Quality KPIs. Our analytics, audits and consulting processes are tailored and optimised to fit the needs of individual clients. This means that we can help you meet your own, specific, objectives, in addition to media standards.

Transparent and on your side

ECI is director-owned and has no affiliations or links with Media Agencies, which means that ECI is 100 percent on your side, all the time. Our analysts are there to maximise impact for you, and no-one else.

A global team with local flair

Our global team of professionals have an international perspective, and can provide analyses that are globally relevant and optimised for local market conditions through our Target Market® and On Target® benchmarking services.

The storytelling challenge

The challenge that media managers face is to tell a story in a fast-moving digital space. This storytelling has to be seamless: from mobile to desktop, and back to mobile. This seamless storytelling imperative means that a creative agency must have the right approach to ensure that the digital media campaign not only drives brand awareness, but also engagement.

One of ECI’s clients, an automotive brand, came to ECI with the sense that they were spending more than they should—and getting less bang for their buck than they thought appropriate. ECI began by ensuring that a clear brief, with clear KPIs, was in place. Having these KPIs allowed ECI to evaluate the marketing campaign in terms of both cost and quality, and in local and global perspective.

ECI - Higher Media Value

The digital landscape is changing; your media management strategy needs to change with it. But change can be a force for good: ECI, the market’s fastest growing global media management company, can help you make your media budget generate higher value, harnessing these changes.

Ours is a new breed of media auditing and performance management company, and we are leading the charge when it comes sophisticated media benchmark- ing services, delivering higher value, and making a media-led impact. Our approach to digital media is forensic and fact based, and we make use of world-class talent and proprietary technology to maximise your firm’s digital impact.