“Spot On” Insight

Having the most effective media campaign means making the right decisions at every stage of the campaign process. ECI helps you do this by turning a sea of advertising data into spot on insight. Our insights are data-driven and draw on best benchmarking practices and industry expertise, at every stage of your campaign.


Digital as integral

Digital media is an increasingly important part of a media campaign. However, it is a complex landscape, and it is easy for a campaign to miss its target. Unsurprisingly, many brands are turning to digital media professionals to ensure that they are managing their investments well, and that a multi-channel campaign harnesses digital possibilities.

Our extensive knowledge and understanding of digital media means that lead the way when it comes to ensuring that you make the most of the complex, but rewarding, digital space. Standing out in a crowded space is just part of the battle; new innovations like ad blockers are also a force to be reckoned with.

We turn complex digital data into spot on insight, allowing you to effectively plan, manage and execute your campaign. Our data-driven insights and tailored recommendations mean that you can have confidence in your digital campaign’s performance.


Building a Strategic Advantage

Running an impactful campaign also requires making sense of the complex data that capture a campaign’s performance. Our understanding of digital and TV advertising comes from years of experience running impactful multi-channel campaigns. We therefore not only know how to make sense of the data, but can transform complex campaign data into strategic goals.

Benchmarking at its best

Our extensive market benchmarking and media audit tools also ensure that you can hold your Agency to market standards, and market prices. Moreover, our pitching and contract management services ensure that should your Agency overcharge or underdeliver, we can ensure the appropriate redress.

This focus on providing insights and analysis that empowers clients is one of the things that has made ECI great. Using innovative tools and superior benchmarking methods has meant that we can help you not only build a campaign that meets your needs, but also build one that is cost-effective.

ECI - Higher Media Value

The digital landscape is changing; your media management strategy needs to change with it. But change can be a force for good: ECI, the market’s fastest growing global media management company, can help you make your media budget generate higher value, harnessing these changes.

Ours is a new breed of media auditing and performance management company, and we are leading the charge when it comes sophisticated media benchmark- ing services, delivering higher value, and making a media-led impact. Our approach to digital media is forensic and fact based, and we make use of world-class talent and proprietary technology to maximise your firm’s digital impact.

A Tale of a Tailored Campaign

How quality is key when it comes to maximising your TV impact

Historically both Media Agencies and Media Auditing firms have focused on the cost effectiveness of media advertising. This was because actual advertising opportunities once varied very little, so the differentiator was cost.

Today, however, the differentiator is quality. Agencies once bought bundles of advertising from Media firms in TV, radio and newspaper, and sold them on to their clients. This is slowly being replaced by a more tailored experience—but many haven’t realised that this change is happening.

White paper

We are happy to give you access to any of ECI white paper.

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Thank you, please feel free to download papers below.
ECI Media Revenue & Inflation Forecasts for 2017 – ECI Report issue 19, Q1 2017

ECIs Media Revenue & Inflation Forecasts for 2017 – No turning point in sight.

In this report, ECI covers the standard Global 20 markets, representing over 90 % of investment value amongst the 58 global markets, that ECI ordinarily manages. Our latest findings provide critical information when it comes to a full appreciation of the latest global trends in advertising expenditure across TV and digital.

Flash report - The CES Issue – dissecting the upcoming trends for 2017

The CES Issue – dissecting the upcoming trends for 2017

Our flash report takes you through the summarisation of the key findings of CES 2017 from ECI’s perspective.  From connected homes to virtual reality to beer-balancing tables, ECI have tried and tested the latest products and provide an overview to our client community of the important themes for the media industry from four days of exhibitions, panels and seminars in Las Vegas.

ECI Report issue 18, Q4 2016

“Mad Men” have become today´s “Middle Men”

The opportunities for advertising effectiveness have never been greater and the promise of digital media channels sets expectations high. So, why is it that many advertisers are questioning the impact of their digital investments?

Our Q4 2016 report takes a deep dive into the changing client and agency relationship within digital advertising.

ECI Report issue 17, Q3 2016
Report issue 17

Media Revenue and Inflation report forecast

That is exactly what we are seeing at the mid way point in the year. Two hot, major, economies: Brazil and China no longer look so vibrant. Yet fortunes often balance out and turn up in other places. Take a look at India and Mexico.

ECI Report issue 14, Q2 2016
Ad viewability 2016

New media requires New metrics

It goes without saying that, to have the desired effect, your marketing must first be seen. This ECI White Paper highlights the importance of a vital KPI within digital advertising, Ad Viewability.

ECI Flash Report, Q2 2016
Flash report couv

ANA 2016: Study into Media Transparency

ECI welcomes the clearing of the air.

We now have a clearer understanding of the Global Rebate Equation, with the arrival of the K2 Report in the US:
“An Independent Study of Media Transparency in the US Advertising Industry”.

ECI Report issue 13, Q2 2016

Ad blockers are on the rise

Ad blockers are on the rise, and advertisers are understandably worried. But could their rise be a warning shot that could help advertising become more user-friendly? Our latest white paper explores this theme.

Much ado–but is it about nothing?

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